Touch For Health LLC.


Touch For Health Massages are the BEST in New Holland!  I have had massages at other places in New Holland and Lancaster and by far Sheena Auchey is among the top rated massage therapists! The prices are very reasonable and you leave feeling renewed. Sheena goes above and beyond to accommodate your busy schedule to be able to assure you a time slot for an amazing massage!  I would recommend for everyone who reads this - call to schedule a massage with Sheena so you can experience the BEST massage in town! You won't regret it....I promise!
Suzanne Kopp


Keeping up with the demands of teaching, mothering, and the day to day stresses of life were taking their toll on me when I found an oasis of peace at Touch for Health!  When I was diagnosed several years ago with fibromyalgia, it revealed that taking care of my body was no longer a luxury but a necessity. Magnificent monthly messages from Sheena have helped me not only manage my pain issues but also relax my mind and spirit in ways that I can take from her table and use to help maintain balance in my daily life. It is a beautiful thing when someone can use their gifts to help others and I am blessed to benefit from Sheena’s gifted massage hands and healing touch!  I encourage you to do the same!

Andrea Weaver